Daughter of the Sun God (1962) – Episode 32

Daughter of the Sun God (1962)

Daughter of the Sun God (1962) is a cult classic featuring beauty Lisa Montell. This film is an ethnographic experience. For Episode 32 I’ve got a great little movie for you today. I’m afraid it may be a little short as the star power in this one was somewhat underwhelming. We are following Lisa Montell line from Episode 28 World Without End (1956). Of course, today’s movie is a cult classic Daughter of the Sun God (1962) originally filmed in 1952 had so many problems it took 10 years to get released. I chose this movie because of Lisa Montell and turned out this is a nice little ethnographic film showing indigenous Peruvians people. The background scenery is nice. Of course, the biggest star of this movie is Lisa Montell who had 46 television and movie credits. Montell played the role of Christine Mitchell. I profiled Montell in Episode 28 World Without End (1956). William Holmes was cast in the role of American author Kent Griffin. Since Holmes wanted to…

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The Magic Sword (1962) – Episode 24

The Magic Sword (1962)

The Magic Sword (1962) was directed by Burt I. Gordan. This movie tells the tale of a battle between two sorcerers and a knight and a princess trying to find true love. This movie features magical knights, dragons, and other assorted creepy thing. It is a tale that should not be missed. Rough Script The Magic Sword (1962) Today is episode 24 The Magic Sword (1962). To get here we had to jump on the Basil Rathbone line from the Revenge of Frankenstein (1958). The Magic Sword has been one of my favorites since I was a Yout. Fortunately, I haven’t seen it since I say it in the theater and my memories constructed a better movie. Hey but don’t get me wrong it was fun to watch and you should definitely see it if you haven’t. It is campy and quirky enough that you won’t feel too bad wasting a lazy Sunday afternoon with this film – that is as long as it doesn’t cost you anything. Burt I.…

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