Pancho Barnes & The Right Stuff 1983

Pancho Barnes and The Right Stuff (1983)

Pancho Barnes and The Right Stuff (1983) are linked forever. Pancho Barnes was an early aviation pioneer. Learn how she was portrayed in The Right Stuff (1983).

Rough Script

If you are a fan on The Right Stuff (1983), and quite frankly, who isn’t, you are familiar with the scenes set at The Happy Bottom Riding Club. In the movie the Riding Club is a rat hole bar and the owner Pancho only has a few lines.

The movie shows the Edwards Air Force base pilots celebrating their exploits at the club. This was indeed what they did but the reason they did so is extremely interesting. The reason they enjoyed their time at the club was because they could talk Pancho about aviation because she was in fact one of the pioneers.

Pancho Barnes and The Happy Bottom Riding Club [The Right Stuff (1983)]

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Pancho as we now know her was born Florence Lowe to a wealthy San Marino, California. Her …

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NMM 3 – The Vikings

Viking Fest Helmet logo

Nantan Movie Minute 3 – The Vikings. A couple of classic Viking movies – The Long Ships (1964) and The Vikings (1959).

Vikings – A word that sets off a sense of wonderment in the imagination of any true American. They were possibly the first Europeans to visit North America. Vikings are resurging in popular culture with the success of the History Channel’s Vikings. This TV shows follows Ragner Lothbrook on his adventures.

However, there are a couple of classic movies that cover the same subject with interesting twists. The first of these is The Long Ships (1964). The Long Ships cast Richard Widmark as hard charging Viking Rolfe in an epic struggle with Sidney Poitier as a Moor. Both men want to obtain the Mother of All Voices, a solid golden bell that is located in the Pillars of Hercules, today known as the Straits of Gibraltar. They go on their quest with Russ Tamblyn along as Orm. Russ adds excitement with his acrobatic moves. You may remember Russ from Westside …

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The Monuments Men (2014) vs The Train (1964)

The Monuments Men (2014) vs The Train (1964)

The Monuments Men (2014) vs The Train (1964) contrasts two movies with the same general subject but one is vastly superior to the other in almost every category.

Major Actors

George Clooney
Cate Blanchett
Bill Murphy
Bob Balaban
John Goodman
Matt Damon
Burt Lancaster
Paul Scofield

Rough Script

The Monument Men (2014) came to the screen last year and it’s not a bad movie. It has an all-star cast and it’s based on a true story. All through World War II, the Nazis were busy looting and destroying the treasures of Europe. Many Nazis wanted to take these treasures back for their personal collections but others were simply destroyed for spite or for so-called “Aryan purity.” The Allied governments deployed teams of historians and art experts to track down and save these irreplaceable treasures.

The Monument Men (2014) is a good movie and I would recommend that everyone watch the movie. I mean George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murphy, Bob Balaban, John …

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