Bela Lugosi leaves rehab in 1955

Bela Lugosi leaves rehab and talks about his alcohol and drug addiction after leaving rehab in 1955 Bela Lugosi leaves rehab and talks frankly about his struggles with narcotics and alcohol. It is interesting that he doesn’t blame his World War I wound as the source of the pain. Lugosi was injured while an officer in the military of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I like it when Bela Lugosi refers to Eddy Woods. Lugosi continued to struggle after this and was using narcotics at the time of his death.   Although weighing only 125 pounds and only a shadow of his former self, Lugosi’s voice was clear and resonant as he told the court how shooting pains in his legs led him to start taking morphine injections in 1935. Without morphine, he couldn’t work, Lugosi said. Read more here in the transcript Bela Lugosi Short Biography

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Frankenstein’s Family Tree Video

Frankenstein Monster

Frankenstein’s Family Tree Video This Frankenstein’s Family Tree Video from Dark Corners Reviews is really funny. So I though I would link it up so everyone can enjoy it for Halloween. There are a lot more Frankenstein movies than I realized. There are a bunch that were not even covered in the video and they are still making them.

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