Cat Ballou (1965) – Episode 71

Cat Ballou (1965)

Welcome to today’s show, Cat Ballou (1965), my name is John. As always you can subscribe to the show on iTunes or follow the links to social media in the podcast show notes. You can also go to to read notes, bios, and other random movie thoughts. Remember this show is completely free and independent. All I ask is that you jump over to iTunes and give me a review. Today’s movie is Cat Ballou (1965) a wonderful comedy western staring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin. Actors Lee Marvin plays two roles, that of gunfighters Kid Shelleen and Tim Strawn. Marvin won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Marvin was covered in Episode 66 – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) Bruce Cabot played the small role of Sheriff Maledon who escorted Clay on the train. Cabot was covered in Episode 1 – King Kong (1933) Jane Fonda played the title role of Cat Ballou. Fonda was born in New York, I’m seeing a trend.…

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