Great Femme Fatales of Film Noir

Glorida Grahame Femme Fatales

What are Femme Fatales? Femme Fatales are easy to spot in a Film Noir but they are not that easy to define. They are much more complex than an attractive woman that leads men who love them to doom. It is easy to spot their traits like Roger Ebert did in the quote below, but it doesn’t capture it all. Are they woman the rebel against the norms of their era and seek a life free from the chains of traditional marriage or are they simply bad girls. These characters are what makes Film Noir great and they deserve much more credit. I have listed a dozen of the top Femme Fatales roles in the table below. Many more Femme Fatales deserve to be on the list. Roles played by Gloria Grahame, Lizabeth Scott, Marie Windsor, Carolyn Jones, and Anna May Wong deserve mention and will eventually have to expand the list. Femme Fatale Traits – Low necklines, floppy hats, mascara, lipstick, boudoirs, calling the doorman by his first name,…

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