Three lessons from King Kong (1933)

King Kong (1933)

Three lessons from King Kong (1933) I love King Kong (1933) it is a wonderful stop-motion monster movie that set the standards for all future monster movies. The movie has been remade in 1976 And 2005. There are three lessons from King Kong (1933) that can be learned from watching this movie. The first of these is to realistically access your place in the world. Kong was clearly the King of his island. He had dancing fans that regularly sacrificed to him. In New York City he was just another chump. Let me put it another way. If you are a blowfish and Hootie wants to make a country album, you make a country album. Now King Kong never made the choice to leave his island, but he became the classic small fish in a big pond in New York City. Lesson – Make a realistic assessment of yourself. When Kong broke free he focused on finding the woman that he was in love with and not getting back to…

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