The Warriors (1979) – Episode 62

The Warriors (1979)

Welcome to today’s show, my name is John. As always you can subscribe to the show on iTunes or follow the links to social media in the podcast show notes. You can also go to to read notes, bios, and other random movie thoughts. Remember this show is completely free and independent. All I ask is that you jump over to iTunes and give me a review. This is the final of the series about people trying to go somewhere or get somethings done and there are obstacles in the way which includes – The Train (1964), The General (1926), The Great Locomotive Chase (1956), The Command (1954), and today’s episode The Warriors (1979). Today’s movie is the classic gang adventure, The Warriors (1979). So I won’t waste any time and I’ll jump right into the cast rundown. Michael Beck played Warrior war-chief Swan. Beck was born in Memphis in 1949. Beck went to Millsaps College in Mississippi on a football scholarship. He began acting in plays during his…

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Michael Beck – The Warriors to Megaforce

Michael Beck in Memphis in 1949. Beck went to Millsaps College in Mississippi on a football scholarship. He began acting in plays during his college years. Following college Beck was selected to attend the London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. Beck was a very popular young actor with The Warriors (1979). However his next three movies kind of slammed the door on his acting career. He played Sonny Malone in Xanadu (1980) with Olivia-Newton John and Gene Kelly. Xanadu was universally panned. Beck even state The Warriors (1979) opened a lot of doors in film, for me, which Xanadu (1980) then closed. However at some point in the future I may make a case for how this movie was a tribute to Gene Kelly and movies like Cover Girl (1944) and  Singing in the Rain (1952) and most people missed the point. Kelly’s charterer is named Danny McGuire in Cover Girl (1944) and in Xanadu (1980). He had the same bad story as Cover Girl (1944). Sonny and Kira wear…

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Lynne Thigpen – Amazing Voice, Amazing Actress

Lynne Thigpen in The Warriors (1979)

Lynne Thigpen Lynne Thigpen was born in Illinois in 1948. Thigpen was active in theater through her college years. Following college she taught English but the stage bug got her and she headed to New York. In 1971 she was cast in the theater version of Godspell, a new age gospel story. In 1973 when they made Godspell (1973) into a movie Thigpen was selected for a role. Thigpen continued singing and acting in theater through the 1970s and in 1981, she earned a Tony nomination for her work in Tintypes. It was at this point that she made her movie into tv and film. During her career she had almost 40 tv and film roles. Many of her roles were supporting but her deep and unique voice brought her extra attention. She seemed to standout in minor roles. She played the role of the gang DJ in The Warriors (1979). In this movie they only showed her lips talking on the microphone but there was no doubt who was…

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