I Want to Live! (1958) – Episode 92

I Want to Live! (1958)

  Welcome to today’s show, I Want to Live! (1958), my name is John. As always you can subscribe to the show on iTunes or follow the links to social media in the podcast show notes. You can also go to snarkymoviereviews.com to read notes, bios, and other random movie thoughts. Remember this show is completely free and independent. All I ask is that you jump over to iTunesand give me a review. Today’s movie is I Want to Live! (1958). It is a gritty film noir that focuses almost exclusively on the female part of the story. The main character can be described as a femme fatale as she only brought down herself. This movie is driven by a lively jazz soundtrack. It highlights the differences between sweet jazz and legitimate or swing jazz. The lighting for mood is well done and should be watched carefully. Susan Hayward gives a masterful performance and won a much deserved best actress Oscar.  Actors Susan Hayward played the often jailed Barbara Graham.…

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