Crime of Passion (1957) – 123

Crime of Passion (1957)

    Welcome to today’s show, Crime of Passion (1957), my name is John. As always you can subscribe to the show on iTunes or follow the links to social media in the podcast show notes. So please subscribe when you are finished listening. You can also go to to read notes, bios, and other random movie thoughts. Today’s movie is Crime of Passion (1957). This classic Film Noir was directed by Gerd Oswald. It has an amazing cast featuring Barbara Stanwyck, Raymond Burr, Sterling Hayden, and King Kong’s love interest Fay Wray. Eddie Muller in his intro to this film for Noir City called it a proto-feminist film where boredom drives a housewife to murder. But I think it was more blind ambition. One of my favorite things about this movie is that it is a very different story. The plot is different and takes the viewer down an unexpected path. Okay, let’s jump right into the veteran actors. Actors Returning Barbara Stanwyck played newspaper reporter Kathy Ferguson…

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