Nuclear Attack Scenarios from WarGames (1983)

All Nuclear Attack Senarios from WarGames 1983

Nuclear Attack Scenarios from WarGames (1983) I just finished listening to Ready Player One 2011 and it was great. It reminded me of one of my favorite movies, WarGame (1983). Of course, I began to wonder about all Nuclear Attack Scenarios from WarGames (1983) in the famous last scene. I had never taken the time to watch it all in slo-mo to get the names. But plenty of people have. So, I collected the list so you could remember this great movie. If you want to see a list of all of the movies mentioned in Ready Player One, take a look here. U.S. First Strike USSR First Strike NATO / Warsaw Pact Far East Strategy U.S. USSR Escalation Middle East War USSR China Attack India Pakistan War Mediterranean War Hong Kong Variant SEATO Decapitating Cuban Provocation Atlantic Heavy Cuban Paramilitary Nicaraguan Preemptive Pacific Territorial Burmese Theaterwide Turkish Decoy Argentina Escalation Iceland Maximum Arabian Theaterwide S. Subversion Australian Maneuver Sudan Surprise Nato Territorial Zaire Alliance Iceland Incident English Escalation Middle…

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