D.O.A. (1950) – Episode 48

D.O.A. (1950)

D.O.A. (1950) is a classic fast paced film noir with razor sharp dialog. The guys are tough and gals are beautiful. This movie will keep you guessing until the end. D.O.A. (1950) Rough Script Welcome to today’s show, my name is John. As always you can subscribe to the show on iTunes or follows the links to social media in the podcast show notes. You can also go to snarkymoviereviews.com to read notes, bios, and other random movie thoughts. Today’s movie is D.O.A., not doa (1950). You have to put the periods in your search or you’ll get something else. This is a great film noir classic that is told in flashback format. It has lots of tough guys like Edmond O’Brian and Neville Brand. Edmond O’Brien plays the lead as Frank Bigelow accountant and notary. He was covered in Episode 30 – Birdman of Alcatraz (1962). Pamela Britton played the role of Pula Gibson. Britton was born into an acting family. While in college Britton acted in school plays.…

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